Make Your Garden Amazing for the Summer

No matter how small your garden or patio area may be, you can always declutter and add new life to it. A makeover of your garden will make it the place to be for you and your family this summer. Here are some tips for you.

Look for cheap or free garden tools

There is really no need to shell out on fancy tools to make your garden look great. If you are on a budget a quick look through Freecyle and eBay will throw up good tools you can use for a price that is often well below the real selling price. Even expensive items like lawn mowers and strimmers can be gotten for virtually next to nothing on these sites. If you are looking for seeds, eBay is also a great place to get your flowers, herbs and vegetables.



Use fertiliser

Expert gardeners advise fertilising your garden at least 2 times each year and no more than 4 times. Proper application of fertiliser on your garden will take two hours on average so it can be done on any weekends. Fertiliser makes the grass look as healthy as what can be obtained at the magnificent Kew Gardens. It also prevents weed while making the lawn more long-lasting and resistant to human, pet and pest activities. Local garden centres and supermarkets have decently priced fertilisers. Use it to make your garden greener and more inviting.



Add warm colour

Is your garden lacking in colour? One or two wooden planters filled with lovely plants and colourful flowers will bring much-needed colour to it. Buy planters that can stand on the patio or on the lawn. While there isn’t any barrier to what sort of planters you should buy, raised planters are very useful for growing delicate fruits and flowers. This is because the raised part offers protection against pests and any pets. Do you have old plant pots? Give them a touch of colourful paint by going for summer pastels or other bright and bold colours. Additionally, a brown or white teak garden set is a great way to add colour to your garden while providing a focal point for family activities.



Go for a water feature

You don’t need to spend money on fancy water features. Something as simple as a bird bath is enough. Apart from the fact that it does look great, it will attract birds, which is great viewing for everyone in the family.


Deploy garden lighting

Garden lighting is a great way to add character to your garden. When combined with teak garden set, it offers you a sit out option on warmer nights. There is a wide choice of garden lighting ranging from lamps that are battery-operated to solar-powered lights. Solar powered lighting is a good option as they save money and are ecologically friendly. If you don’t want solar-powered lights, energy efficient bulbs are a great alternative. Buy cabled lights for draping around your planter. This looks amazing in the evenings.

With these tips, you can make your garden look great this summer.