Prince Frederick's Plans for Kew

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After her husband's premature death in 1751, Princess Augusta dedicated herself to realizing Prince Frederick's plans for his Kew estate. She completed his Lake and a peripheral woodland walk enclosed extensive lawns. Chambers added classical and oriental buildings. A public lane on the west side separated it from Richmond Lodge where Queen Caroline had lived. This plan shows the layout of her garden in 1763.

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This print shows the large lake, the Temple of Arethusa on the left and the White House in the distance. The Swan Boat was a birthday present to the young Prince of Wales in 1755. Its neck was 18 feet high; it held 10 passengers and was propelled by four feet "artfully contrived as to supply the place of oars".

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A view of part of the Lake and its island, which was reached by a Chinese-style bridge. Beyond it are the Orangery, the Temple of Bellona among the trees, the Temple of Eolus on its mound and, on the extreme right, a glimpse of the House of Confucius.