Queen's Cottage and Grounds

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One of the most important tracts of woodland in urban London, the grounds form a suitable habitat for British plants, animals and insects. It is Kew's first nature reserve. A much larger conservation area is now managed at Kew's other garden at Wakehurst Place in Sussex.

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The environs of the cottage are at their most attractive when masses of bluebells are in flower during May and early June.
The Queen's Cottage started as a single-storey structure attached to the royal menagerie, which housed exotic animals and birds. In December 1793 the King's apothecary, excitedly reported the pregnancy of a kangaroo. "I learnt yesterday that the man who has care of it perceived the head of the young one appearing out of its pouch". By the time the menagerie was dispersed ten years later the kangaroos numbered about 20.