Near the Ginkgo Biloba Tree

Outside the Main Gates on Kew Green

Explore Kew Gardens - Virtual Tour

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360° Panorama ©Explore Kew Gardens
360° Panorama

Low-lying so as to blend with the surrounding landscape and minimise energy use, the Princess of Wales Conservatory was opened by Her Royal Highness, Diana, Princess of Wales in 1987. Using the latest glasshouse technology, it is divided into ten climatic zones, ranging from the humid rain forest to the dry desert.

To the west is a huge tree dominating its neighbours called Ginkgo Biloba, or Maidenhair tree. Lord Bute transferred it to Kew in 1762 with other choice trees from the estate of his late uncle, the Duke of Argyll. Lord Bute advised Princess Augusta on improvements to her garden at Kew.