Tips for protecting vegetables in the garden from pests

It is always a pleasure to grow vegetables in your own garden. But they are often victims of various pests. Fortunately, there are tips on how to protect vegetables naturally.

Plants to repel pests

Slugs, aphids, white flies, caterpillars – many pests attack vegetable plants in the garden. However, some plants repel these pests thanks to their scent. These are :

– The marigold

The marigold is a good ally for tomato plants. Not only do its flowers help to beautify the garden, its strong scent keeps aphids and white flies away from the garden.

– Lavender

Lavender is a plant whose flowers have a good smell. However, aphids and ants do not like this smell at all. A few lavender plants in the garden will keep pests away. The vegetables can then grow in peace.

It should be noted that aromatic plants are also effective in keeping insect pests away from the garden. This is the case with thyme, rosemary, sage, chervil, etc.

Other tips for protecting vegetables

Some insects also help to protect plants in the garden. Ladybirds play an important role in the fight against garden pests. They eat dozens of aphids every day in the garden. They are even more effective when they are in the larval stage: they can devour more than a hundred aphids a day. Ladybirds are sold in garden centres.

Beer can also protect garden crops. The method consists of filling a tin can halfway with beer. This is then placed near the plants. The smell of the beer attracts insects that will drown in it. This method is especially effective against gastropods such as slugs.

Wood ash is also a good trick for protecting vegetables. It is placed at the foot of the plants, which will prevent insects from climbing onto them. But every time it rains, the ash should be reapplied.