Why is it important to eat fruit ?

For a healthy body and good health, it is essential to eat enough fruit. Fruit is important for the body. So why is eating fruit important for the body? Find out here about the benefits of eating fruit.

Fruit is rich in water and fibre

Eating fruit means eating it regularly. In fact, fruit contains an average of 90% water and provides the body with around 800ml of water per day. This contributes to the hydration of the body. In addition, their high water content provides a low energy value for the body and this value combined with their satiety effect is beneficial for athletes in the endurance and weight categories. In addition, fruit is very rich in fibre, which helps to regulate intestinal transit. These fibres contain properties for the prevention of cardiovascular and anti-carcinogenic diseases. They also help to stimulate the digestive system. It is precisely because of the importance of fruit that it is advisable to eat at least 5 fruits a day.

Fruit is rich in vitamin C and calcium


Fruit is also very important for the body because it is characterised by its high vitamin C content. The vitamin C contained in fruit plays an antioxidant role and it is this role that helps to combat the oxidative stress caused by endurance sports. The antioxidant role also helps to fight infections and promotes the absorption of iron. Fruit is therefore a source of vitamins that help to maintain an optimal state of fitness. To this end, we can find vitamin C in fruits such as strawberries, red fruits, etc. They are also very rich in calcium. Fruit provides the body with a lot of calcium. Calcium intake is very important for the proper functioning of the body. Calcium intake from fruit is particularly important in the transmission of nerve impulses, in the reduction of muscle contractions and in bone mineralisation. In view of all these benefits, it is very important to eat fruit regularly.