fruits and vegetables

Which vegetables should be planted in the garden ?

The garden is one of the decorations that make the architecture of a house attractive.  The gardener can give a pleasant garnish to your nest of plants and flowers with his art.   However, it is possible to plant vegetables yourself in the orchard. In this article we present you with some vegetables to plant in your plantation.


It can be confused with the cucumber in colour and shape. It is a fruit whose flower can be used in cooking. Its consumption provides you with potassium to develop your muscles.  It is a vegetable that you find especially in summer.


This is a herbaceous plant. You can grow it for the benefits of its tender leaves. The leaves of lettuce are also called salads. They are very easy to digest. They are more beneficial to your health when raw than when cooked. Particularly rich in vitamin B9, vitamin B3 and vitamin C.


Spinach is not only nutritious, but also more suitable for your vegetable garden. You can follow its development with passion. It can be grown in temperate regions.  It is a low-calorie vegetable with antioxidant capabilities. For eye health problems, they provide a solution.


Beans are eaten for their protein benefits, either the fruit or the seeds. They offer a green decoration to your plantation. In addition, by indulging in beans, you provide good blood circulation to your body. You also enrich your well-being.


These red balls give you pride to maintain. The taste you get when you grow tomatoes in your garden is special. It may be a bit complicated to care for, but you will love it.

Having a good garden

It is a wonderful thing to be in touch with nature through the plants in your garden. You can decide how splendid your vegetable garden will be by adopting the vegetables you want. From a health perspective, save money by having your garden overflowing with vegetables.