Explore Kew Gardens - a panoramic view of the Palm House
Explore the Royal Botanic Gardens
A virtual tour of Kew Garden, UK
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Includes integrated Text for the Hearing-Impaired, and MS Word files ( with pictures ) for Schools

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Explore Kew Gardens is the Official Virtual Tour of the beautiful Royal Botanic Gardens at Kew, near London. The website tour includes over forty 360-degree panoramas, thirty mini-movies, viewpoint narrations, maps, full text for the hearing-impaired, and free MS Word files (with pictures) for non-commercial use by schools.

Upon entering the online tour, 'virtual visitors' can look around by panning left and right on the small panos. Having spotted something of interest they can click to open a window with a much larger and higher quality panorama, and then zoom in and pan around for closer looks. For example, they can view close-up details of orchids in the Princess of Wales Conservatory, dedicated to the late Diana, Princess of Wales.


Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew - www.rgbkew.org

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Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew, London

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Nash Conservatory
Conservation in Action 1
Conservation in Action 2
Conservation in Action 3
George III and Queen Charlotte
Prince Frederick's Plans for Kew
Ice House
The First Plant Collectors
Jodrell Laboratory
Introduction to Kew
Kew Palace
Marianne North Gallery & Ruined Arch
Millennium Seed Bank (1)
Millennium Seed Bank (2)
Chambers' Buildings
The Pagoda
Palm House
Amorphophallus titanum
Queen's Cottage and Grounds
Rhododendron Dell
Rock Garden
Riverside Palaces
Victoria amazonica waterlily


01 Outside the Main Gates on Kew Green
02 Near the Nash Conservatory and the Main Gates
03 Near the Orangery
04 Kew Palace
05 In the Queen's Garden behind Kew Palace
06 Near the Sundail (White House)
07 By the Joseph Banks Building
08 Near the Monkey Puzzle Tree
09 Near the Ginkgo Biloba Tree
10 In the Rock Garden
11 In the Grass Garden
12 In the Duke's Garden
13 Inside the Alpine House
14 The Order Beds
15 Inside the Ice House
16 In front of the Museum
17 In front of the Palm House
18 Waterlily House
19 By Temple of Bellona
20 King William's Temple
21 By the Lake and Chestnut Trees
22 Inside the Marianne North Building
23 In front of the Temperate House
24 By the Ruined Arch
25 Tree and Daffodils
26 Inside the Temperate House
27 Inside the Evolution House
28 By the Pagoda
29 By the Japanese Gate
30 On Holly Walk
31 Behind Queen Charlotte's Cottage
32 View of Syon House and the River Thames
33 Near the Lake
34 By the Waterlily Pond
35 By the Old Cycad in the Palm House
36 By the Sophora Japonica (Pagoda Tree)
37 In the Orchid Room, Princess of Wales Conservatory
38 Downstairs in Queen Charlotte's Cottage
39 Upstairs in Queen Charlotte's Cottage
40 Inside the Waterlily House
41 Compost heap
42 Inside the Palm House
43 In the Desert Room, Princess of Wales Conservatory
44 Inside the Temperate House
45 Near Autumnal Dogwood Trees
46 In the Bamboo Garden
47 Near the Cycad House
49 Tree, Bluebells and Daffodils

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